Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Update on life...

So in the 10 minutes I have before I have to rush off and while I hastily chug down a cup of sugarless coffee (second one in a row - decided to go cold turkey, be proud of me Miss Es!) here's a quick update on the shambles that is my life at the moment.

Crazy busy, behind on work, leaving for home in a few days (SO excited but so not ready in terms of the mounds of work which need to be covered before then), been gyming like a beast but PUT ON half a kg in the last week which made me sad but I didn't eat that well last week so that may be to blame, going back to treat less eating until I can get the numbers going in the other direction, tired all the time, and listening to lots of sappy love songs because still exceedingly heart sore and missing Sem like I cannot even explain.

On the up side I did a cool thing with my hair today (will try get someone to take a pic for me cause all the coolness is at the back). French braided it and then tucked the end of the braid up under the rest of it. :) And seeing my brother who is visiting from England and who I haven't seen in like 6 years or something should be beyond amazing. So all isn't too bleak.

Now I really do have to go. Gonna have tutlings waiting for me to impart my wisdom about the stereotypes of persecution in the scapegoating mechanism with specific reference to the use of the hamitic hypotheses in the Rwandan genocide, soon.

Much love to anyone who gives this thing the time of day. You are amazing. Here's a song another song which makes my heart smile. I hope it'll do the same for you. xx

Kimya Dawson - So Nice, So Smart


  1. woo you sound busy! Just a thought, maybe the half kg you put on is muscle? I know it's super frustrating if the numbers go up not down, but gyming does that at first, you put on some muscle then the weight starts dropping. Just a thought to hopefully encourage you :) I hope you have a good time at home and have fun seeing your brother!! xx

  2. Hey Christy! Yea, I know about the muscle thing - its just still disconcerting :P But thank you for the words of encouragement! :)

    How's Latvia, dude??? ^_^

  3. :) Latvia is pretty darn awesome hey!! I just really miss south african people and friends and vibes. It will be nice to get home one day, but I am loving it while I am here :) Europe is pretty fun to live in! :D