Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mom, people wear this stuff! I promise!

So I have always been a little bit of a weird one - but now adays aren't we all? I mean in this age of hipster-dom its kinda the in-thing to be different (creating that paradox we 'clever ones' are all so quick to point out - everyone's trying to be different, to not conform so being different becomes what everyone does, making it conforming). It is inescapable :P

Anyway - I am getting side tracked here. What I was going to say right from the start is that I have always had a somewhat unique sense of dress - one that has certainly evolved over the years into something tangible and uniquely my own, I think. And it has not always been something all have bought into. I mean I had a boyfriend who was not exactly thrilled by my excessively girly dressing. Once when we where walking through a store, I was trying desperately to get him to agree with me on how this little polka dot bikini I'd seen was completely adorable, and he exclaimed in a huff something like: "Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you always have to wear things covered in flowers and polka dots!" So from then on I had a pretty good idea of what he thought of 90% of my wardrobe. And although I didn't really let him know in that moment, it kinda really upset me. Because, while I certainly don't think that appearance is everything, I do feel like the way I dress is a big part of who I am because its an expression of my personality (as for most people). And further more I didn't like flowers and polka dots just 'cause I was a girl - I liked them because I was me!

Anyway, cut to now and I have a new person who doesn't really 'get' what I wear. My mother. Now, university allowed me to be bolder in the way I dressed and for the last few months that has increased even more as I have wanted so badly to embrace certainly elements of fashion I see overseas (but which aren't exactly super common here in SA where I live). Now my mom certainly doesn't hate everything I wear, but as I have tried to make these new changes to my wardrobe, her reactions have been wrought with constant furrowed brows, looks of confusion and just a general disdain for my strange taste. And as a result I have repeatedly felt I needed to prove to her that I'm not crazy in liking what I like and wanting to wear these things - and that in fact LOTS of people do! So I took to scouring We Heart It to find said proof and even once or twice making these little collages, full of images which inspired or represent my own little quirky wardrobe elements. After I had collected quite a few of these I thought it might be a fun thing to do a blog post about it (one rather similar to the "Trends I Love..." post I did a long while back).

So here are some "I-promise-you-people-actually-wear-these-things-mom" collages. (I've also added in some of the bloggers and volggers who do these trends so well and one or two pics of me rocking them myself ^_^)

Firstly, the one that kicked off the whole thing big, bold bows. My mom actually said some of the most shocking words she possibly could to me one night when I was getting ready to go out and trying to decide whether or not to wear a bow-topped alice band - "Don't you think you're getting to old for bows now?" I gasped in horror and exclaimed that I would never be too old for bows! And in response showed my mom pictures of the amazing fashion blogger who in fact did actually inspire me to go bigger and bolder with my bows - the stunning Betty of Le Blog de Betty

The bow thing took a lot of convincing with my mom - even the top knot with the bun at the back thing which is huge now. here are some gorgeous ones I found...

Next there is the crop top thing. This is a trend I absolutely adore and I have started building up a cool collection. Its a little hard to find them here unless you're willing to pay quite a bit, so I have also taken to fashioning my own crop tops by tying other sorts of tops shorter and making them into ones. I most often pair them with maxi skirts, as you'll see below. Here are a few of my crop top outfits ^_^ 

Black & white spotty crop top from Cotton On worn at the Lola Malone's Life On the Pedal Party at The Upstairs
Peach sheer knit crop top with wooden heart brooch from Mr. Price
Floral crop top from Cotton On 
Now, its pretty easy to understand why my mom wouldn't be immediately on board with this look. One day when my mom and I were on our way to the lovely I Heart Market, me sporting one of my now many crop tops, I weirdly had the Bare Necessities song from the Jungle Book stuck in my head and when I mentioned this to my mom she immediately (and hilariously) responded with the quip - "It's because you're WEARING the bare necessities." Now she was joking, of course, but she does view the whole crop top thing as pretty risque, and I do get it. Although I really don't think that showing a couple centimeters of bare midriff is worse than wearing super short mini skirts or teenie-tiny shorts with your butt cheeks hanging out - neither of which I wear (probably mostly just cause I can't pull them off, if we're honest, but still! :P)  Also I know that the crop top style has evolved a lot, with most wearing a longer version with a semi-high waist vibe - but I prefer shorter crop tops with super high waisted things because they just work better with my figure.

One of the latest things I've had to convince my mom about is the flower headband. Just last week when I wore my thin vine style flower headband (below) with my hair up in a bun my mom kept telling me all day that I looked like a flower girl - so out came my phone to show her the array of flower crowns other girls my age wear these days. 

It took me AGES to find the one I have (which I got at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay) because most of the others I've seen in shops have looked quite gaudy and often really plastic-y, and I like more natural looking ones. And I have neither found nor had the bravery to wear the larger festival-style proper flower crown but would love to be able to rock one one day. Two of my favourite beauty vloggers to watch Zoella and Dolly Bow Bow rock beautiful floral headbands and flower crowns. 

Zoe Sugg
Kate Murnane
Here are some really pretty versions of different floral headbands and flower crowns I found. 

Last but not least there is a trend I am yet to actually do - but mostly cause I haven't been able to find these in South African shops (if anyone knows where I can find them - let me know!) - and that is frilly socks!! I love the look - especially with boots ^_^ Just look how adorable they can look with all different kinds of shoes!! 

In light of my exciting new adventure coming up - my relocation to South Korea!! - I'm hoping I'm going to be able to find lots of super cool fashion finds. I have heard South Koreans are uber fashionable and I'm really excited to see  for myself!

Peace & love & exciting fashion choices to you all! <3 

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  1. I'm a bit behind on reading blogs since Google Reader died, but I'm finally catching up ^_^ I love this post! I love the collage idea; I might steal it to try get myself inspired to experiment with fashion again :)

    I miss your girly dress-sense Tam Tam! I kind of just wear jeans and t-shirts these days; you used to inspire me to dress up a little (also miss having you around to go with me to things that I could actually dress up for!) (also I just miss you in general ^_^)

    And another thing I wanted to say - anything you choose to add to your wardrobe, you totally rock it. Some things that I have found strange as a concept, but you make it work! Like the crop top thing, I would normally agree with your mom :) but you really know how to pull it off I think :)

    Oh and the socks! I'm sure my sister had a pair a while ago, or at least a pair of lacy white socks. If you don't find any in Korea or somewhere else on your travels, look in kids sections and chinese shops, I think that would be the place.

    Miss you Tam.