Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Trends I love (and mostly couldn't pull off :P)

The definition of what is sexy changes as time does and so does the way in which we show it off... The obvious ways which have existed over time, low cut tops showing cleavage, short tight skirts revealing as much thigh as possible (neither of which I've ever been able to or wanted to don), have been swapped out today for more subtle and in my opinion way more alluring trends. These are more feminine and classy ways of accentuating the female form and I absolutely love them! These are my three favourites - intricate open backs, see-through tops and bare midriffs...

 I think that open back are one of the sexiest things ever!! I have one or two dresses with cut outs in the back and I have to say that they make me feel great when I wear them. Most of the above are for those lucky enough to be able to not wear a bra - for not all of us fit into that category. But you can find ones which are smart and have a strategically placed band or tie into a bow right over the bra strap so its hidden and you still get to show off a little skin :)

Big no-no's with this look: Exposed bras and bra straps - looks really tacky and completely defeats the point, ladies! Don't do it!! Also, a lot of us can end up exposing some dreaded 'back fat' (sorry, I couldn't think of a more delicate term for it :P) which is not the greatest - try and avoid dresses or tops which possibly cut across your back in tight or unflattering ways. Its all about making the look work for you ^_^

I recently ventured out of my comfort zone and bought myself one of these sheer tops - very much like the second one pictured above - and although I am yet to wear it I am super excited to do so. There is something that feels very daring about revealing my belly button in public going out at night - while being completely covered at the same time ;P I love the juxtaposition between either the classy-ness of a long-sleeve collared shirt that's just see-through enough to reveal a sexy bra or the super girly-ness of a vintage-y, lace top which has just the right amount of peek-a-boo. 

Big no-no's with this look: Be careful with the way in which you match up the bra and top, you don't want to end up looking tacky or slutty, its all about revealing just enough but not too much. 

This look is my MOST favourite of the season!!! And it is one which I would not dare to actually try - much to out there for me. But when it is done right (like above) I really think it is truly stunning. I have seen a lot of celebs like Jessie J, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez pulling it off amazingly and of that I am super jealous. I think this look is most stunning when paired with a high-waisted, long, flowy skirt. 

Big no-no's with this look: Once again, its all about moderation and balance - don't show TOO much skin. Its all about accentuating that gorgeous, most thin part of your body, your waist (or just above it). 

Of course these are all summer looks so most of them are out of the question right now for those of us living in the parts of South Africa which actually experience winter (and g-town is most certainly one of those, although my hometown, Durban, generally isn't) - but when the weather obliges these are the trends I'm most excited to see play themselves out and that I'm most excited to try in some everyday-gal friendly forms :P 

Peace and love and lace and bows <3 I'm out :)


  1. http://weheartit.com/entry/2268262/via/romantic_heroine

    ^ This dress of prettiness made me think of you and what you were saying here :) I'm not a huge fan of the open back thing myself, but some of those dresses are really pretty.

  2. Ah!!! Its so pretty! :) And quite unusual too! Love it...