Tuesday, 20 August 2013

++ Insta-diary ++

So the one little silver lining to the whole robbery ordeal I went through a couple of weeks ago (which I'll be writing about in my next blog post) is that my awesome brother of major awesomeness gave me his old phone which had just come back from being repaired, to replace mine that was stolen. And this lovely little Samsung creation can do one thing my old phone couldn't - Instagram! Overwhelmed with excitement at this fact I quickly became obsessed with this little app (so far behind those who've been abusing it for like ever already). As those who know me know all too well, I am obsessed with photographing the fun times I have with my friends. And I am super particular about the photos I share and upload on Facebook - usually taking ages to go through them, edit them all individually and carefully think about their grouping in albums. The thing I love about Instagram is being to capture the moment right while you're in it and share it with the world. (Although my control-freak self still takes the time to edit them myself before uploading cause I'm a weirdo-perfectionist like that, but oh well.) 

Recently I discovered the insta-diary vibe on the blogs of some exceedingly lovely human beings, Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, so I thought I'd do the same. I'll do it on a monthly basis, I think - so here is my first month's snaps...

++ July Insta-diary ++

From the top, left to right, row by row: 
++ Catching some rays in my floral Cotton On sunnies, Shark & I at my b-day vibe, My first ever McFlurry (oreo, of course)
++ Bro & I eating brains at a DIFF zombie flick, My plushy family growing courtesy of Gelly, Farewell with my Katez at Love Coffee
++ Random find - new coffee-themed crop top, My first ever Singstar experience, After watching an incredible DIFF doccie with Gelly 
++ Funny faces with lotsa lovelies at my b-day vibe, Blatant selfie on a good hair day, Medal winning with the sis
 ++ All my spoils from attacking the sales, New mint green sandals, Rocking the floral headband & loving it
++ Bro & I looking like cool cats on our way to check out another DIFF movie, Heading out for a beachfront run - fitness yay!, Shoe sales this time

And the winner is. . . 

The snap that got the most likes in July was this one - lovely shoesies of loveliness ^_^

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Peace and love and lots of photo taking to all of you!! <3

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