Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hair to dye for. . .

So I've been wanting to something drastic with my hair for absolute AGES and every time I see Emily from Skins (seasons 3 and 4) I totally want to go her amazing auburn-red colour! My mom is appalled at the idea and I myself am no too sure if I could pull it off but I can't shake the crazy desperate desire to do it :P

(Incidentally this was also what got me into wearing similar bows in my hair. It was before they started becoming big here so it was soooo hard to track cool ones down. But now I have a rad little collection :P)


  1. I love your blog!! It's so bright and interesting ^_^ And really awesome. Just thought I'd say Xo

  2. That's so lovely of you to say! Thank you so, so much ^_^ Only just getting into this blog thing really. But I'm not gonna lie, already starting to get a little addicted :P

    I really like yours too! Although need to give it a better look tomorrow when I don't have an essay to finish writing :P hehe.

    I wanted to ask - where are you from? :)

  3. Hehe, no worries :) I genuinely love it so I thought it would be worth saying :)
    I'm exactly the same, I went through a period of not writing anything now I'm back at it I'm addicted :L
    Just wondering, how did you get the photos down the left and information down the right? I've been trying to work out how to do it for ages but can only get photos down the right.
    And I'm from Shropshire, England :) What bout you? Xo

  4. Sorry I've taken so long to reply... Been writing exams :/ eep! (Needless to say, not my favourite time)

    Getting the photos down the side was a little bit of a mission, I must admit. But probably only cause I'm such a noob at these things and there's bound to be a much easier way of doing it. :P But through trial and error I eventually figured it out... All I needed to do was, in the settings option, choose the template that let me have side bars on both sides and then I just uploaded each pic individually with the picture gadget. All pics from my we heart it page.)

    The sizing was the tricky part because it offers to shrink the pic for you but that never seemed to work for me. So I figured out that if I resized each pic to 160 pixels in width, i think it was, they fit perfectly (like I said it took a few tries but got it right eventually)... :)

    And I'm from South Africa =) I live on the coast in a city called Durban but go to university in a little town called Grahamstown :)

    Thanks so much again for the encouragement XD