Tuesday, 31 May 2011

- Disclaimer on present and future absenteeism -

I extend my sincerest apologies to the masses of diligent followers who will no doubt be devastated at the lack of activity on my blog of late ;P hehe. It is exam time and I have possibly the worst exam timetable ever drawn up in the history of university exams EVAR, so to say that I am a tad stressed and much more than a tad short on time would be a grave understatement.

As of the 15th of June however I will be done, but will be hanging around this little town for quite a while before I make the delightful (pleeeeease recognise the sarcasm) 13 hour bus trip home. During this time I will be doing nothing but going to the gym (to work off all this exam snacking and winter comfort eating), reading (for pleasure - at last!), celebrating every last exam of each of my friends the only way us rhodents know how (with a great night out), studying for my learners licence (which I'm re-writing 'cause my last one expired, sadly) aaaaannd getting in lots of blog time!! ^_^ I cannot explain how excited I am at this prospect.

Things that give me a little bit of hope for now - the prospect of dinner at my lovely friend's Claire and Gabi's digs tomorrow night which will accompany a politics study sesh. Real food is always an absolute dream when it means a break from dining hall food. XD I do not know what is on the menu as of yet but I am most certainly getting a garlic bread to go with it because I have had an insane craving for it for the last few days which MUST be satisfied...

Also, making lots of exciting plans for the holidays with the amazing Shark which copious amounts of series and movie watching as well as tons of cooking and baking - ohmygoodnessgracious too amped!! ^_^ Recipes to be tried out already include as many of the cupcakes in this delectable selection as possible: http://mingmakescupcakes.yolasite.com/.

Oh and how can I forget - the making of 21st plans which although accompanied by much anxiety (not the biggest fan of my own birthdays, especially when they involve my planning of my own parties) is actually getting me pretty excited. more to come on this topic soon!!!

Ok, I really should get back to studying... Its 2:30am. Wouldn't you say that that's totally the perfect time to review our country's termination of pregnancy laws? Totes, right? :P

Much love and peace to the universe.
And any awesome person who actually happens to be reading this ;P

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