Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I want to fly away

So, I finally gathered up the courage to quit my AWFUL waitressing job that was making me utterly miserable and am now on the look out for a new job to tide me over until I (hopefully) hop on a plane and fly off to South Korea in August. But in the meantime, I must say, I am getting cabin fever of note… I haven’t even been back in Durban for that long, I realise this. But still! The monotony of everyday life and the extreme FOMO of seeing all the wonderful things other people are doing all over is starting to get to me a little. Ok, a lot.

I do feel somewhat like a big unappreciative baby, I should just suck it up, make the most of this down time I have, and generally just CALM THE F**K DOWN. But I am having a whiney moment and I’m going to make the most of it in this space – because after all, I do moaning sessions so very well on this thing. :P
I just want to be shot of here! I know it’s gonna be crazy hard, and crazy scary. And I know the hardest thing of all will be to leave my friends behind indefinitely – because they absolutely mean the world to me. But I feel like my life hasn’t started until I have actually left. I need this to happen and I need it to happen soon. A complete life change. Something to mark the beginning of things for real. A real job, a new place, complete independence. A real adventure!!

So for now I will continue to long for new, unseen places and feel sorry for myself :P Hopefully not for too much longer though. Still got a ton to do to actually make that adventure happen…

Forgive me, for I know despite my unappreciative impatience, that I am very blessed.

Peace and love and new adventures to you all <3 

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