Friday, 2 November 2012

The end of times - Rhodes times, that is...

So it is all coming to an end. In exactly a month and two days I will be leaving Grahamstown for good, only to return for a weekend when I graduate next year and then possibly never again. These last two essays I write, and this final exam, may be the last pieces of work I ever do for a degree. My university career is almost officially over. Needless to say, this is an exceedingly scary prospect. This place is all I have known for the last four years. And now once again I need to bid adieu to an entire phase of life, and boldly charge (more like awkwardly stumble) into the next one. 

Obviously this time period becomes riddled with nostalgia - lots of reminiscing, looking back, 'talking fondly of the good old days' as if we're a bunch of geezers who've lived through an age. But we have certainly come far from the over-excitable bunch of first years who first entered this debaucherous little town. So pouring over four years worth of photos (and anyone who knows me, knows that equals a flip load, me being a complete photo whore and all :P), I went about the very difficult task of picking a few out to have a little look back over the time... 

1st year - 2009
City Bowl gig in pjs
First night out in g-town with the res girls in o-week
Rat jam with my instant soul mate, Sharlz
Playing dress up in my res room

2nd year - 2010
Lumo vibes with my bestie!
Lady Gaga themed corridor party in res
Leavers dinner
The first boyf, B-rad 
3rd year - 2011
Boat Races, baby!
House sitting with The-O & Miss Es
One of many pre-drinks
My T-themed g-town edition of my 21st

4th year - 2012
Ree's 21st with Gabz & Claire (a.k.a the night of the deadly punch)
Body piles at FUSH
Leavers dinner with my Slovo boys
Looking back is completely surreal. So much has happened, so much has changed, I honestly can't believe how fast time has gone or how much has gone time during it. What is for sure is that the wonderful memories certainly outweigh the sucky ones, and I will cherish the time I have had here and the people I have known forever. I feel incredibly lucky to have ended up in this place.

Now it is time for new and unknown adventures. Going to truly be at the hands of what is the harsh and incredibly uncertain real world. I know that I am ready to leave this place, to move on, to grow more and see more and start really living. But that certainly doesn't make leaving all this wonderfulness any easier. 

Here's to awesome pasts and exciting futures!!

Peace and love and rainbows to all ^_^


  1. Aw lady! I have been crying a lot these days :/ End of an era... But at least it means WE'LL be back together again!!