Monday, 12 November 2012

It's coming on Christmas...

So admittedly Christmas has never been my favourite time of the year. Generally it tends to make me a little sad and has often been accompanied by family drama of some kind... But this year my mom and I have started talking about decorations and things (we don't usually have the chance to really do much) and it got me excited... Maybe its just my thinking of things to keep myself busy with now that I'm gonna be back home for a really long time, or maybe its just my being inspired by a beautiful and unique homemade tree I came across - but either way I am getting amped so that's all that counts. Maybe this year it will be a merrier Christmas than usual :P

Because we do live in SA and don't really do the real Christmas tree thing (a practice I don't really think is the greatest anyway), and because most plastic, stoep-green trees can often look scraggly and to be honest, downright tacky, I absolutely love the idea of creating unusual and unique Christmas trees yourself. I would really like to think of something like one of these for my mom and I to do ourselves in our flat. :) I love simple, whimsical designs and also love the use of earthy elements. Here are some super pretty ones I found pics of... 

I love the use of rough bits of wood and the scattered but balanced use of a few delicate decorations, and the lighting makes it!

This is such a cute and nifty idea using something a lot of people would have at home already. Love it!

This idea is absolutely gorgeous and something that you could really personalise to the max, and is also useful  for places without too much room to fit a big tree it. This is a cheerful play on the traditional idea... 

This is one which takes minimal effort but still looks really rad - one specially for book lovers ^_^

This is an even simpler version of the first on the list and once again is a simple, earthy style which eliminates any of the usual garishness of Christmas decor. 

 My beautiful friend Katie has a super special tree of her own, one her parents made out of pieces of driftwood, and it is absolutely stunning!! Her and I and a couple of friends have begun the tradition of decorating it together every year and here are some snaps of our antics... ^_^

And I can't end off a post about Christmas without sharing my absolute favourite Christmas song of all time by the stunning Joni Mitchell. It is admittedly pretty sad but absolutely beautiful... 

So here's in anticipation of creating pretty, homemade decorations, giving (and getting!) super thoughtful gifts, spending time with the ones we love, and of course, eating your weight in mince pies!! 

Peace and love and jingle bells... <3

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