Sunday, 19 February 2012

Timetable of awesomeness!

So its Monday, generally people's most dreaded of days - the start of the week. Luckingly this year I'm not one of those people :P I have Mondays completely free except for a sub-warden meeting at 8am, AND Tuesdays completely free except for a the first year tut I take at 9:35. (And later in the term I will probably do my volunteer work on Tuesdays day too.) Overall - life is pretty sweet. But I have to remember this is NOT free time - its the time I have to spend doing the insane amount of readings and preparation required for my honours course. Not being under a lot of pressure time wise (or at least not feeling as if I am) is going to mean a lot more self-discipline. But I can do it.

First task for today (after my meeting this morning) is sort my frikken room out! (It is still in a shambles and not completely unpacked :P) then head down the hill to collect my tut file and sort out grad stuff. Then I've got a mountain of reading to look forward to because I need to get through at least the first years' stuff and my first module's worth today to be on track for the rest of the week.

Wish me luck :)

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