Sunday, 12 June 2011

Short term aspirations!! *yay*

Two random things on my mind right now - ok to be entirely honest there are about a million random things on my mind right now but these are the two I'd like to blog about right now at exactly 00:34 when I should be getting some sleep so I can actually have a productive day of study tomorrow... Aaaaanyway!

These are 2 things I am looking forward to greatly in the next 2 months... 

Firstly!! Next term is a major term for birthdays, and particularly for 21st's so I am so, so, SO super excited about all the dressing up that that's going to entail. The first one I have when I get back is a trailer trash themed 21st - exceedingly excited for the curlers in the hair, cigarette behind the ear, belly button exposing cropped top and possibly some home-made cut off denim shorts (with leggings of course 'cause there is only so far I will go :P hehe). Then next will be MY 21st bash in g-town, which I haven't chosen a theme for yet - eep! Need to do that soon. And then I have a "freaker's ball" 21st (basically the old school sideshow, carni kinda vibe). Have NO idea what I'm going to do for that! (Suggestions are welcome! :P) But its very exciting. Then I have an under the sea themed 21st 2 weeks later - and toying between the easy option of some sort of sailor or Sharlz's suggestion of jellyfish ('cause I have this bright blue poofy bubble skirt that would work for that) or if I could pull it off - the AWESOMENESS of Spongebob Squarepants! XD  

As could clearly be gathered from my post about my last dress up 21st (where I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - so worth seeing, I'm rather proud of it) I am exceedingly fond of dress ups!! 

The other thing that I am super stoked about this holiday is baking adventures with Sharlz (which I mentioned previously but like, seriously! :P)

We heart it has opened me up to a whole new world of insanely awesome cupcake ideas that are downright inspirational I tell you! I think I need to start a portfolio or something 'cause when I'm a mom one day and have lots of children's parties to bake for these would give me ideas for daaaaays... :P (Yes, I do think "When I'm a mom one day..." types of thoughts quite a lot. hehe) Now I won't be making anything near this awesome this holiday, of course - but these are some of my favourite crazy cool cupcake pics of late. . . ^_^

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