Sunday, 12 June 2011

^_^ *The perfect cure* ^_^

So the start to a perfect end of a hellish week was some super awesome girls and 2 for 1 cocktails!! Claire and I literally walked out of our southern African politics exam (which actually ended up going a lot better than I expected after all) and went straight into Grotto Mojito to have some of the super yummy babies you can see below... We did almost the full rounds of the time and it was actually a rather interesting evening by the end of it...

Gabi (pictured at the top) and Claire (at the bottom) are most defs two of my favouritest party buddies!! (And I was very proud to be the one to buy Claire her first ever beer! ^_^ It was originally just cause they were R7 but then I found out she had never had an entire beer on her own and I couldn't let her turn 21 - just 2 days later - with that being the case, could I? :P)

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