Thursday, 7 February 2013

Let's play catch up...

So this is officially my first post of 2013 - and its already a whole 5 weeks in! Shameful I know...
I had planned on doing a whole "I am officially not a university student anymore" series with a bunch of posts about the things I've learned from Rhodes, ranging from the serious life lessons to the frivolous (yet very no less important ;P) things like the endless drinking games I now have in my repertoire ^_^

But alas, the big life change caught me off guard and meant that I so terribly neglected my blog! So here's a little update on the more exciting events of the last 2 months or so :)

Soooo firstly I have to start with my tattoo!!! I had wanted to get a tattoo for ages - I'm sure I've blogged about it before :P - and when I found the inspiration I knew it was the one :P I'd always wanted something dainty and pretty and earthy. And something with at least a little whimsy. But more than that I wanted it to reflect something meaningful to me obviously. To me it represents the dreams we make coming into fruition, those secrets we keep in our hearts bounding out boldly and becoming some kind of beautiful reality. And I think at this point in my life its something I really needed - a little reminder that this was still possible, 'cause (and excuse the brief foray into depro-ness for a second) I guess leaving uni and go into this scary, overwhelming new phase in my life where everything is so uncertain and unstable I started to feel quite despondent about what was to come and my possibilities and I think this serves as a beautiful little beacon of hope to work against my tendency to dip into said despondency. Anyway - back to the exciting stuff ^_^

So for the big day I had my partner in crime help me find just the right place to go and the right artist to go to - and of course she did a superb job. So once I had secured my appointment with Doc at Lola Malone (an awesome vintage-y tattoo parlor on Florida Road which I'd recommend to everyone!) toddled on over - me incredibly nervous but totally psyched - and had it done... Here are some pics documenting the exciting and painful experience...

Pre-tattoo nourishment as encouraged by Sharlz... 

 Waiting outside Lola Malone with my other tag along Cam - becoming increasingly nervous...

Getting the design drawn on the make sure it was absolutely perfect ^_^ Thank goodness I had Sharlz there to help me be certain it was where I wanted it :P

The basic outline drawn on - some more waiting while the equipment is prepared :P

Doc at work... The scariest moment is definitely when you're lying there and he switches the thing on. That initial buzz is terrifying and brings on a sudden rush of *omgwhatamIdoingmaybeIshouldpulloutnowthisissurelygoingtobewaytoopainfulaaaahhhh* XP But then he starts and its not too bad :P

I had to clutch onto Sharlz hand most of the way through. Here she gets a close up of my pain. While it certainly wasn't as bad as I expected, it certainly was not pleasant. Pretty much like being scratched by a cat really deeply over and over again :P

 I'm super proud that I managed to get through it without crying at all!! 

 A cool aerial of the work in progress thanks to my trusty side kick who documented it all... 

Relishing in my pain, much? :P 

And the final product! I absolutely love it and am so glad I did it - and that I did it where I did. ^_^ Haven't experienced any regret yet (although apparently most do and this is normal). For now I will continue to love it (and all the compliments I get on it ;P). <3

This is but part one... Stay tuned (if there is anyone out there :P) for more (including my seeing the awe-inspiring Chili Peppers live a few days ago!!!)

For now peace and love and dandelion-wishes-come-true to all of you <3

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