Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chords, picks and painful fingers...

So I'm finally starting to actually mess around on the amazingness that was my 21st birthday present from the fandamily - an acoustic guitar of gloriousness. The term has run away with me so much its taken me this long to start, but am beyond keen. Been super shaky, obviously, but I have slightly more confidence that I'll at least be able to play some basic ish to sing along to eventually :P (Was doubtful at first, cause my fingers just did not seem to want to co-operate.) Trying to learn some basic chords at the moment with songs that only need a few of them :P Theo was my first teacher but in the end I had to go off and do it on my own. When I'm this new at something I have to learn on my own at first cause I'm way too self conscious of how terrible I am in front of people.

Atm working on the 3 chords it takes to play Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Greenday (getting confidence in strumming is way harder than I thought!) and am trying to figure out the barre chords that are needed to play Billionaire by Bruno Mars & Kanye West just cause I really like singing that song :P (Reeeeally struggling with those barre chords - gonna ask Theo to show me how to do them.)

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