Friday, 1 July 2011

=) Life is goood... (=

A quick post uploaded sneakily at work…
So I’m on holiday – which means zero internet access, hence the silence. But I couldn’t resist a little update while I have the chance…
The last 2 weeks have been quite the whirlwind. So much has happened and so much is going to happen that I almost don’t know when to start. Firstly, I am no longer single… It is seriously crazy! I went out of my last relationship saying that at least for the extent of this year I did not want to get into anything serious with anyone just because the last one had ended so badly and been so draining and of course because my academics needed to be made my priority. But for some reason that decision go totally overridden :P And what’s even more strange is that it is with someone who I’ve known since 1st and who I’ve never had any kind of “romantic encounter” with (if I can put it that way :P). But in the last week of term when I was partying with everyone after their last exams, we ended up making the most amazing connection and something just happened.
I know its really insane that 2 weeks later we’re in a relationship, and believe it took A LOT of deliberation on my part. And I couldn’t possibly attempt to go into all the intricacies of my thought patterns over the last few days. But basically I have thrown caution to the wind and put aside all my concerns and fears and just gone with it. I mean, every time we chat, and every moment we spent just chilling and canoodling in my room over those couple of days, just made me so happy. So why not gve it a shot, right? And I mean, he is a wonderful guy, and we have known each other  for 2 and a half years, so its not like we just met… The potential of the whole thing makes me unbelievably excited. The prospect of having him in my life and getting closer and closer is too lovely for words.
One perk, (and I use that word humorously! :P) which was only revealed when I had actually made up my mind and said yes, is that he has tickets to Coldplay in October and is now taking ME =) Which I am frikken freaking out about! I mean, not being able to see them was so utterly depressing to me. I grew up with them and they have been unmoved from my top 5 favourite bands ever since I had the capacity to think up such a list. It is most definitely going to be one of the highlights OF MY LIFE ^_^
Another amazing thing that I am exceedingly excited about is that Josh, Cam, Katez and I are road tripping to G-Town for the Arts Fest on Sunday ^_^ So frikken keen for the festival – was there last year and absolutely loved it. And so frikken keen for road trip vibes! (Copious amounts of photos will be taken and no doubt end up up here.) I absolutely love seeing my friends perform, and quite a few of them will be this year. And its going to be cool to expose Katez to my G-town life :P (Different worlds merging is always rather a strange experience :P).
And then of course it is gonna be MY BIRTHDAY!! ^_^
To sum up, I am feeling so exceedingly blessed right now. This next few months looks like they are going to be some of the best experiences of my life. And I cannot wait.
For now, I will continue to slave away in front of this computer doing this rather tedious and exceedingly boring desk job – the things we do for money, right? :P
Signing out, from my cloud 9 currently situated in the real world (but soon to be relocated :P)
Bisous! xx

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