Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A hi and some thoughts for the day ^_^

Hi there big wide world of the internet! (Even though no ones probably even going to read this. lol - but that's ok. This is more one of those the process is more important than the outcome kinda things :P)

So, I'm not really sure what I'm aiming to achieve with this. Just sorta felt like this might be a cool outlet to voice all the thousands of random thoughts and ideas that constantly stream through this crazy little brain of mine. And at the end of last year, when I was going through a bit of a rough patch, I started writing out my feelings and even though it felt a little silly at first it actually really helped. 

I don't want to do one of those this is what I'm all about bio type of things because I really don't think I (or anyone else for that matter) can sum themselves up in a couple hundred words written in one setting. Us human beings are way too complex than that... Hopefully if anyone does actually stumble upon this and find it interesting enough to give a second look then they'll get a feel for my vibe through the posts to follow... 

As for the thoughts for the day. . .

It may be cliched but I don't think it could be any more true - It's in the little things. I've been waiting for a while to make my first post because I've been a little bit of a downer of a mood. But today it really has been the little things that have got me feeling a little more like me again.

My little things for the day include:
  • Cranking out a record breaking (for myself) gym session in the morning (despite absolutely killing my calves which still hurt now! :p)
[As a side note just had a huge detour involving friends and then sub-wardening responsibilities but am now back :P Little things continued...]
  • An AMAZING lecture by one of my favourite lecturers of my Rhodes career - Dr. Leonard Praeg. His course on collective violence is not only fascinating but so relevant. I am super excited about the essay I'm going to write for it! (I acknowledge the fact that I sound like a total nerd saying I'm excited about writing an essay but those who know me know that while that may be true, I'm the coolest kinda nerd ;P) The topic is very grim (unavoidable with this subject obviously) but is so current and will be amazing to discuss in light of the Girardian model we've been studying - the violence against and persecution of homosexuals in Uganda.
  • Chillin' with Jess at lunch on a day that I don't normally get to do that
  • Finishing a season of Project Runway and
  • Having an afternoon nap - even though I shouldn't have done either ;P
  • Perusing **we <3 it** and day dreaming about getting my new camera and taking tons of photos (some of which i may grace this page with)
  • Listening to amazing local music - namely DANS DANS LISA, my latest craze. As per fb status: they make me happy in my heart.
  • Skyping my amazing friend Sharlene who is far away but can still be right here in my room with Jess and I with the wonders of technology (skype ftw!!)
  • Walking 2 doors down to fetch hot chocolate from Jess's room and feeling again just how awesome it is that she lives right here in my res with me now. This year would probably have been pretty sad without her here.
  • Thinking about getting a tatoo
  • Lots of other things that I cannot remember at this point in time :P
So ja, I really need to get some work done and because there really is no stopping me when I satrt typing I better force myself away now. 

Peace, love, sunshine and cupcakes!!

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